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How Are We Different

Quality Control of Instructors

Quality Control of Routines

Quality Control of the Program

New Routine launches every 4 months

True combination of easy-to-follow dance steps and intense fitness moves

Top-rated American music

XaBeat program is carefully designed to ensure that only highly qualified instructors that have the skills, knowledge, ability and drive to lead classes will receive their certification. We know how hard it is to find and retain exemplar employees. When you hire a XaBeat instructor you know this person will be ready to lead a class by example and with professionalism.

Our music sets the mood and creates a party-like environment that leaves participants asking for more. We use top-rated, highly energetic, American music so everyone in class will understand, relate and lose themselves in it.

XaBeat classes create an intense fitness experience for all participants. Our routines combine easy-to-follow dance steps and effective fitness moves, creating a high intensity cardio and toning workout.