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Basic Inspirator Training — Phase One and Phase Two Training

$249–Early Bird

$279–After deadline

Monthly $25.00 ongoing education fee begins after completion of Phase One Training.


Phase One Training — One day training  open to anyone interested in teaching the Xabeat program.


Phase Two Training — Follow up training necessary before teaching first class. This consists of co-teaching with a mentor. Length of Phase Two Training depends upon experience.


**Please read the FAQ section to fully understand the Basic Inspirator training process before signing up for training.



None required, however regular attendance of classes is extremely helpful prior to training. Dance experience and/or group fitness experience is preferred but not necessary.


Basic Inspirator training will cover the following areas:

 Connecting with the class

 4-6 choreographies, plus additional choreographies to learn at home

 Warm up

 Cool down

 Promoting my class

 Creating energy


After completing the Phase One training process, most participants will have some Phase Two Training, depending on dance and group fitness experience. Participants that do not attend the full day of training will not be eligible for Phase Two Training. Post training follow up consists of co-teaching with an Advanced Inspirator. After completion of the individual co-teaching requirement, participant will be given their Basic Inspirator Certification and are ready to teach their own class.


***Please note: Being an Inspirator requires a commitment to your classes and XaBeat. Please make sure this is something you are committed to doing BEFORE you sign up as WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS.
Thank you for your understanding on this policy. If you cannot attend a training that you have signed up for because of unforeseen circumstances, we will credit your training fee for one year from the first day of your training date. This will be valid at any location.


*Private trainings available, please contact for more information.