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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the costs associated with being an Inspirator?

A one- time fee of $249 ($279 for late registrations) for phase one and phase two certification.  A monthly fee of $25.00 (autopay) is required to keep certification current. This fee also includes Routine Releases, Choreography Parties and Inspirator Happy Hours and socials.

Why do I have to attend the Releases?

Mandatory Releases ensures quality control for XaBeat. Eight (8)  new routines will be taught to keep classes fresh. Most importantly, Inspirators will connect, interact and network with other Inspirators.

What happen if I miss a Release?

Inspirator’s unable to attend a Release due to an excused absence, must learn the new material from an Advanced Inspirator within a reasonable time. If two Releases are missed in a row without any communication or explanation, certification is revoked and retaking Basic Inspirator Training will be required to reinstate your certification.

Will I be an employee of XaBeat?

No, all Inspirators will be hired by the club/gym/studio for which they teach. Wages will vary by club.

Do I need to market myself to the clubs?

Yes. As with most certification programs, it is the Inspirator’s responsibility to contact the clubs they wish to teach at and offer their services. Some clubs will have current partnerships with XaBeat, but Inspirator will still need to “sell” themselves to be hired. We are here for support. If a club does not have a current partnership with XaBeat, we will be happy to help sell in the brand. Contacting us to obtain any marketing material and/or having one of our professionals to help, will facilitate the process.

Do I need to carry liability insurance?

Most of the time clubs and gyms will insure their employees. Each Inspirator is responsible for ensuring that they are covered under their current facility’s policy. If that facility does not carry liability insurance, Ispirators are responsible for obtaining their own insurance.

What type of technology do I need to run my XaBeat classes?

Each Inspirator should have their playlist on a MP3 player (ipod, Phone, etc.) as most gyms will provide connectors for that.

Can I get a refund?

We do not give refunds. If unable to make a training because of unforeseen circumstances,  that training fee can be put towards another Inspirator Certification. The training fee credit would expire one year from the date of the original training.

What is your privacy policy?

We do not share any personal information with any third-party organization or company.