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Our Inspirators


Our Inspirators

Behind every strong organization there is an even stronger team. At XABeat, we pride ourselves in the quality of the training our instructors receive. XABeat instructors are actually called Inspirators, as they are an inspiration to many people; creating a small community within their classes.

If you want to change lives by helping participants realize their inner beauty and self-confidence through a high cardio dance-fitness class, contact us by filling out the form below. Our XABeat Inspirators are a very close knit group which supports one another and socializes together. We pride ourselves on our close friendships and camaraderie within the group.

High quality choreography is provided to ensure top notch classes for everyone. All levels of fitness are represented.  The two phases of training ensure quality control so every Inspirator is top notch. Not only in teaching the class, but in connecting with the XABeat community of participants. The social piece of XABeat truly separates this dance fitness program from other programs. 

This position is not a XaBeat employee, as they are hired directly by the entity for which they will be teaching.