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Our Values


What is XaBeat?

XaBeat is a dance-fitness program that provides high intensity cardio and toning in party like atmosphere. The routines are simple and easy to follow so participants can concentrate on getting a better workout! XaBeat class participants sculpt their bodies and burn calories without even realizing they are working out. This is why they keep coming back for more!


About XaBeat

Our mission is to motivate and inspire every woman to find their true inner beauty and confidence so they can motivate and inspire others. Our classes focus on changing lives by providing a party-like workout where calories are burned and inner sensuality is expressed with passion. Our expectation is that one will end the class feeling better than when it began.

XaBeat has become the way to a healthier lifestyle for many people. Making fitness FUN has allowed many participants to completely reshape their bodies, achieve fitness high, dance calories away and increase their self confidence.


Our Culture

XaBeat has a culture of empowerment. All easy- to-follow routines are designed to provide every participant with an intense workout and a sense of accomplishment. XaBeat programs do not require dance background, therefore anybody can successfully do it and follow without frustration.


Additionally, with a culture of empowerment comes a tight community. XaBeat inspirators connect to many people; creating a small community within their classes. Members become attached to each other and consequently hold each other accountable for achieving the best workout they possibly can. Class participants become friends and always come back for more “shaking” together.


Our Values

Our Values are simple:

  • Integrity – We are who we say we are
  • Empowerment – We create opportunities for others to realize and execute their full potential
  • Accountability – We keep our commitments
  • Collaboration – We work together to achieve our common goals
  • Connection – We relate to class members, partners and inspirators to create our “community”
  • Professionalism – We pride ourselves in high quality services
  • Success – This all lead to your success and therefore, our success


These values are what guide us in every aspect of our business from creating new inspirators, to acquiring new partnerships and conducting classes.


Our Inspirators

Behind every strong organization there is an even stronger team. At XaBeat we pride ourselves in the quality of the training of our inspirators. XaBeat does not certify just anybody. Only highly qualified people with the skills, ability and motivation will become XaBeat certified. This ensures quality and consistency throughout the entire program, no matter where it is thought.

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