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Who said working out can’t be fun?

Shake. Sweat. Inspire.

XaBeat will become your way to a healthier lifestyle.
By making fitness FUN, our classes will guide you to:

  • Achieve a fitness high
  • Dance calories away
  • Be your best YOU!

Join us and build your confidence to love yourself and embrace life!

Inquire about XALite for seniors!

Dance-Fit, which is now XaBeat, opened in 2010 inspiring all participants to find a healthier and passionate life. As we grew, we realized participants wanted to feel like they could dance, not follow the perfect moves and worry about what the next step was. We have had countless participants tell us that we have changed their lives by making them more fit and they had fun at the same time. They said that losing themselves in dance made them feel more passionate, inspired, and improved their relationships. This is how XaBeat was born. It has truly changed my life and it can change yours too!

Mel Fierstine, Owner